Enterprise Development

Innovation Through Intergration

Enterprise Development

BlueStorm's Enterprise Development and Integration Practice provides our customers with custom solutions to fit their business needs. Our professionals utilize best-of-breed tools, methodologies, and practices to integrate new and legacy systems and provide a competitive advantage.

Practice Overview

Most Enterprises are under pressure to cut costs, do more with less, automate processes as much as possible, deliver results faster and more accurately, and utilize systems that already exist. 

As IT systems become even more strategic and mission critical to an enterprise, a team of experts that are well trained and have extensive experience becomes a necessity.  Customers are turning to BST for their complex development and integration needs as the pace of technology and business needs quicken.  Our professionals provide:

  • System Architecture, Analysis, and Design Experience
  • Requirements Gathering and Documentation
  • Integration Experience on Large-Scale Systems
  • Development Methodologies
  • Team-Based Development
  • Transaction Processing Solutions
  • Business Process Modeling and Understanding Across Many Industries
  • The Ability to Leverage Existing or Legacy Systems

  • State of the Art Tools and Techniques


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

BlueStorm works with our customers to move them toward an architecture that:

  • Integrates complex yet redundant processes
  • Optimizes business processes
  • Is flexible and reacts to change
  • Provides access to Enterprise Entities and Utilities
  • Is loosely coupled
  • Provides secure access
  • Provides guaranteed messaging