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Portal Services


BST has experience with many of the leading portal applications. As a third-party review agent, we offer independent, unbiased and objective advice. Our professionals provide a wealth of information and experience to any project.

Practice Overview

An enterprise portal strategy provides the means for consolidating and presenting critical business information.  Portals can also represent a community forum where members of an organization can collaborate, exchange and share information, and serve as a gateway to business process tasks and employee self-service.

An effective corporate design solution requires the teamwork of business executives, IT representatives, and architects who understand the unique synergy between business process and technical implementation.  BlueStorm Technologies, Inc. provides its customers this expertise through its Enterprise Portal Process Model (EPPM).

The Enterprise Portal Process Model is a multi-step series of mini-projects that help the client deploy a successful portal initiative.

EPPM's key value lies in providing a roadmap for a successful portal implementation.  It guides all stakeholders through the process that defines the rules, interfaces and systems that comprise the portal infrastructure and provides a direction for change management as stakeholders and owners learn how to leverage the portal’s features and capabilities.  Each customer's needs, project history and in-house resources are different, and each EPPM is uniquely tailored to address what has already been accomplished (or is unnecessary) and focus on the areas which portal expertise and direction are required.  BlueStorm Technologies, Inc. not only provides technical resources for architecture, design and development, but assistance and guidance for everything from authoring the business case to portal product selection to change management. 

Enterprise portal initiatives are not just software projects.  They require gathering the consensus of important stakeholders from business groups and from IT, understanding the business process that drives the need for a portal, and architecting a solution that lives within the boundaries of the organization's software and hardware infrastructure.  BlueStorm Technologies, Inc.  EPPM offerings allows our customers to organize and manage their enterprise web initiatives and obtain the highest rate of return on their enterprise portal investment.